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ATPL theory exams are one of the challenging stages on the path to becoming an airline pilot. You can only start ATPL exams after you have finished the theory course. In order to start an ATPL theory course, you must meet the following requirements;

ATPL Question Bank - ATPL Questions

ATPL consists of the head earths of the words Airline Transport Pilot License.Becoming a professional by obtaining an ATPL License candidates who want to become commercial pilots must be successful in the ATPL theory exam during this process. 14 Courses in ATPL theory education is available.All ATPL, ATPL online question bank will help many to decorate their dreams to become a pilot it provides opportunities.

Air Law - Aviation Law

The law introduced after the first balloon flight trials, where air law does not have a deep history understood by the existence of rules. Since the formation of the legal rules in the field of aviation, approximately. It has been over 100 years as a It has attained its modern structure in which contracts, agreements and protocols are put forward. All relevant regulations which relate to public international air law and which to international air private law; on the other hand.

How Much Are Pilot Salary - Pilots Fee

According to the researches, the high salary rates of the pilots working in Airlines in the world are the airline companies in China, Saudi Arabia and North America. International airline companies offer their pilots social benefits such as high salaries and different advantages.erefore, companies with high salaries also increase the desire of these pilots to work. For example, while airline companies in Saudi Arabia pay an average of 17 thousand dollars, this figure rises up to 23 thousand dollars for Chinese airline companies.

Who Is Pilot - What Does Do Pilot?

Pilot is the professional title given to the person responsible for safely flying passenger, cargo or personal aircraft. The flight is usually led by two pilots. One is the captain, who is the command pilot, and the other is the second pilot. The second pilot maintains communication with the air traffic controller while the captain operates the flight systems. In some cases, such as long-haul flights, three or four pilots may be on board.