What Is ATPL Questions?

atpl questions

There are some Atpl exams that candidates who want to become a pilot must take. atpl exams include 14 quizzes.


Air Law

The term aviation law refers to a set of legal norms governing air navigation and the establishment and use of its infrastructures, whether for civil or military purposes.


A pilot needs to know the plane he's flying. When he makes a sound he shouldn't make, he needs to know where it might have come from and the solution.

Mass & Balance

One of the contents of the Atpl exams is to determine the principles and procedures for establishing a common standard in weight and balance calculations in order to fully ensure the flight safety of the aircraft.

Flight Planning

A flight plan is the documentation of specific information about an aircraft's planned flight or part of its flight to air traffic units (ATS) by the airline's authorized units.

Human Performance

It is an excerpt from errors and articles caused by 80% of today's human accidents. All current vehicle models are vehicles that canbe used. One of the contents of air is "One of the air systems" in education, human factors should not be trained in human-based systems and should not bring education targeting human factors to the education that should be trained.


Meteorology is one of the broad revision topics in the atpl course. The course itself covers one of the most important aspects of pre-flight planning and in-flight decision making so Is the air good enough to fly?

Pressure lines and weather forecasts, as well as aviation-specific charts such as those issued by the meteorological office. you will be able to read and learn about these charts presented

General Navigation

It plans how long the general flights of the planes will take on the world, on the two meridians in the world. Plotter, flight computer, compass, miter etc.How to draw maps with.

Radio Navigation

In aviation, there is a need for systems called navigation devices in order to be able to go from one place to another and to find direction in the air.

Navigation systems are used in aviation to find directions and to obtain distance information according to certain points. Again, navigation devices are preferred so that aircraft can safely land at an airport and t ake off from the airport.

Operational Procedures

One of Atpl Exams contents An Operational Procedures is a procedure specific to your operation that describes the activities necessary to complete tasks in accordance with industry regulations, provincial laws or even just your own standards for running your business. Any document that is a "how to" alls into the category of procedures.

Principles of Flight

It is the explanation of conditions such as weather, pressure, the condition of the aircraft's wings that are effective in the flight of the aircraft.

VFR Comms

Visual Flight Rules (VFR) simply means that the aircraft is intended to operate in visual eteorological conditions (VMC, i.e. beautiful and clear weather).

Clouds, heavy rainfall, low isibility and other adverse weather conditions should be avoided in VFR flight conditions. Most general aviation flight and flight training takes place in visual meteorological conditions.

IFR Comms

Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) imply that flight may operate in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC stands for cloudy or otherwise adverse weather conditions).

These are some Atpl Exams and content that candidates who want to become pilots should do.