What is EASA ATPL?

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EASA ATPL refers to the airline transport pilot license offered by the European Aviation Safety Agency. EASA European Aviation Safety Agency, founded on 15 July 2002, is an acronym for. If you also want to have an EASA ATPL license, you are at the right address.

How to obtain an ATPL license?

ATPL stands for airline transport pilot license. ATPL is a theoretical training module with additional theoretical training courses, subjects, contents, and exams to the theoretical training provided within the scope of commercial pilot training prepared for pilots who want to pursue their professional commercial pilot profession in airline transport aircraft. CPL-in order to add ATPL authority to your commercial pilot's license, you must also succeed in your exams by taking several additional theoretical pieces of training. In addition, ATPL license application requirements must be provided as a priority.

What is ATPL?

ATPL is an acronym for the English words Airline Transport Pilot License, meaning Airline Transport Pilot License. Those who want to become a professional commercial pilot are required to complete ATPL theory training other than other flight training and CPL – Commercial Pilot license training, which is the last flight training module. There are 14 courses in ATPL theory education.

A total of 650 hours of ATPL theory training is started with distance education and 90% is completed as distance education. After that, two weeks of face-to-face on-site training is taken for the remaining 10%. Given the education and training ATPL theory of flight ATPL theory training course conducted by the school completion certificate is issued and candidates who are successful in the proficiency exam for the candidates of the Civil Aviation Authority are eligible to enter the exams.

If ATPL theory training is taken in an EASA country and a course completion certificate indicating that you are ready to take the exam at the end of the course is obtained, an application may be made to the Civil Aviation Authority of any EASA country to take the exam. ATPL theory education is not required to take the exam in the country.

The passing grade for the 14 theoretical course exams that will be entered after ATPL theory training is 75 and it is necessary to take the exam no more than 4 times from each course and pass the exams in no more than 6 sessions. You must complete all exams in 18 months from the date of your first exam. If any of these conditions are not met, you will need to take the exam again from all courses by taking refresher training called ATPL RE-Take.

What is the EASA ATPL license?

EASA ATPL license can be explained as a Commercial Airline Transport Pilot License. Pilots who hold an ATPL license have all the powers of pilots who have PPL(a) – special Pilot license, CPL(a) – commercial Pilot license, IR(a) – instrument flight authorization. In addition, they can serve as FO - Flight Officer – Co-Pilot or Captain Pilot in commercial airlines. To be eligible for an ATP license, you must have an IR(A) authorized CPL(a) license and an ATPL theory certificate certifying that you have successfully passed the ATPL 14 course.

ATPL (A) – Types Of Airline Transport Pilot License training

ATPL (A) – Airline Pilot License-you have two options as modular and integrated training to receive Airline Transport Pilot License training.

Integrated ATPL (A)

Pilot candidates who want to study for an Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License can receive training by applying to an authorized ATO – Approved Training Organization in Turkey or Europe after meeting the ATPL (A) training application conditions. The difference between integrated Airline Transport Pilot Training and modular training is that all training must be completed at the starting training institution and must comply with the training curriculum and periods approved by the affiliated Civil Aviation Authority determined by the relevant flight school.

Modular ATPL (A)

Airline pilot license – unlike Airmail shipping pilot license training integrated training, each training module that has different price advantage can be taken at a flight school, training to start planning time can be determined according to purely personal, Dec can be made between two modules as needed education, educational paid in installments payments by charge, or by spreading process can be made, as long as enough training that can be completed more quickly when the focus is on education, compared to the integrated type.

ATPL (A) training can be completed between 12 and 18 months on average. The duration of the training depends entirely on the work of the people who are studying, giving themselves to the process, and passing the ATPL exams from ATPL theory courses in a short time will benefit from shortening the process.

ATPL (A) - Airline Transport Pilot License-requirements for obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot License

The application requirements that candidates wishing to obtain an ATPL (A) license must meet are;

  • Minimum 21 years of age,
  • Have graduated from at least high school or an equivalent school,
  • Have a valid Medical Class I health certificate,
  • Complete theoretical and practical training in an ATO – approved flight training organization authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority,
  • ATPL theory to be successful by taking a minimum of 75 of 14-course exams,
  • CPL (A) - Commercial Pilot's license and MEP IR (A) – multi-engine flight authorization,
  • No criminal record.

Pilots who meet the above conditions are eligible for an ATPL (A) – commercial airline transport pilot license, but at this stage, your license will be authorized as ATPL (a Frozen. After that, the license of pilots who perform 1500 hours of flight is translated from ATPL Frozen to ATPLA), provided that at least 500 hours have been performed in a multi-pilot flight operation.

ATPL License price

The price of an ATPL license is one of the most curious topics of all candidates who start this training. First, it is worth noting that flight training in Turkey and Europe differs both in the country and in flight schools. As installment payment is accepted by flight training institutions, there are also flight schools that want you to pay in one go. When you decide about the flight school where you will receive training and the country where you will receive this training, you can get information from people around you who are trained in this field. In addition, you can have an idea by reviewing many forums and sharing sites established in this context. At this stage of research and investigation, it is also possible that you will encounter a lot of information pollution and misdirection.

The most important thing in choosing the flight school where you will receive flight training will be to consider three basic criteria in this regard. Quality, duration, cost. Of these three basic criteria, duration and cost are the criteria that you can change the priority of your school choice. But in the choice of flight school, the quality of education should not be compromised in any way.