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People who want to start a professional commercial pilot career must pass a series of training and exams, whether they have chosen an integrated flight training or a modular flight training model.  As All ATPL, we provide the most accurate information in this process to all pilot candidates who want to take their place in the sky by achieving their dream of obtaining a pilot's license. In this way, we aim to complete the training processes in the best way possible.

Air Law Online Exam

In addition to practical flight training in the process leading up to the commercial pilot career, there are additional theoretical training phases in each module. After the completion of these theoretical training stages, the pilot candidate is taken to the theoretical knowledge exam by the relevant flight training organization. Only two of these theoretical training stages must be successful by participating in the exams conducted by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority, as well as the flight training organization.

The first of these exams is at the PPL training stage, which is the first stage of flight training. A total of 9 theoretical courses are trained at the PPL training stage, and after the completion of the training, you can participate in the exams according to the exam calendar published by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Air law and other exam is the ATPL theory training stage, which you can start after completing PPL training and obtaining a ppl license. The ATPL theoretical training phase consists of 14 ATPL courses. After completing the ATPL theory training, you can participate in the exams according to the exam calendar published by the Civil Aviation Authority.

ATPL theory training consists of a total of 650 hours of theoretical training, and according to the training program approved by the Civil Aviation Authority by the flight training organization, part of which is completed by distance training and part by face-to-face training. A maximum of 90% of the ATPL online course stage can be completed in the form of distance learning.

ATPL Theory training during the international aviation rules, operational procedures, weight and balance calculations for aircraft, aircraft performance, flight planning, and monitoring, human performance, meteorology, navigation general and instrumental procedures, principles of flight, and radio procedures on issues about  detailed training is taken.

Are ATPL questions difficult?

ATPL online training phase, along with theoretical knowledge courses, the development process is constantly monitored through decontamination exams. In these exams, questions are selected from the ATPL question bank – ATPL question bank belonging to the relevant course. In this way, the ATPL online test allows you to control your progress as well as prepare for ATPL theory exams.

At this stage, we aim to provide you with the best service with our ATPL Online Preparation System, which we have prepared as ALL ATPL and will start service very soon. In our ATPL Online exam preparation system, you will be able to access the ATPL training videos and documents that we have prepared for all ATPL courses, and you will be able to read the documents online if you want.

Thanks to the ATPL Online Test module in our ATPL exam preparation system, you will be able to maximize your level of preparation for exams like ATPL air law exams. The ATPL Online test module in question stands out from the likes with many additional features created by our developers. You will also be able to access many other resources such as descriptions of ATPL questions, detailed solution videos for mathematical questions, ATPL summaries. You will be able to create custom categories as you wish when solving questions of ATPL courses, and then you will be able to test yourself as much as you want from the question categories you have created.

In addition, you will be able to constantly contact your training advisor assigned to you by All ATPL and receive support for questions or issues that you do not understand. Our goal is that you can fully prepare for Air Law and other exams.

What are the ATPL exam requirements?

To obtain a CPL(A) license by completing CPL training, you must complete ATPL(a) theory training and pass the Civil Aviation Authority exams.

In order to participate in the ATPL theory exams to be held by the Civil Aviation Authority, the ATPL theory training given by the flight training organization must be completed and successful in the exams. The extraction is held at the end of the control and training module.For those who complete these stages, Documents stating that they can complete ATPL theory training and pass ATPL exams such as Air Law to be held by civil aviation authorities are issued by the flight training organization. After this stage you can take the exams by applying for the exam according to the ATPL exam schedule published by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Those who dream of becoming a pilot can achieve their dreams by completing the training necessary to obtain a commercial pilot's license. ATPL – Airline Trasport Pilot License-pilot candidates who wish to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot License receive ATPL theory training while continuing other practical flight training after completing PPL(a) training. ATPL theory training is a theoretical module that must be completed during commercial pilot training. In summary, individuals who have completed CPL (A) – Commercial Pilot License training are authorized to work as commercial pilots. But if their license does not have ATPL theory authorization, they cannot work as pilots in airlines.

What Is An Aviation License?

Pilot candidates who wish to become airline transport pilots must first examine the conditions necessary for training in detail and confirm whether they have met the conditions. After ensuring that it has provided the necessary conditions for training, the next step will be to decide how and where it wants to receive training.

In-flight training, both practical training, i.e. flight training and theoretical training are available. All practical training there is theoretical training by the content of the pre-training. But ATPL theoretical training is a theoretical training module in itself. After completing this training, pass grades should be taken by participating in the exams to be held by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.