ATPL From Scratch

atpl from scratch

ATPL is an abbreviation for the airline transport pilot license. In this article, we will inform you about ATPL from scratch.

There are many different pilot licenses available. These are;

  1. Private Pilot License (PPL)
  2. Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  3. Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  4. Type Training (TR)

How to get ATPL license?

Below are all the required trainings for airline pilot;

  • PPL
  • Night Flight
  • ATPL Theory
  • PIC
  • IR(A)
  • CPL(A)
  • ME(A)/ME-IR

PPL Stage

A candidate who wants to become an airline pilot; First of all, they have to take PPL training, where basic theoretical training is taken and the basic skills used by a pilot are developed. Theoretical lessons to be taken before flights: Air Law, Performance, Meteorology, Operational, Procedures, Communication, aircraft general information, Human Performance and limits, Navigation, Principles of Flight, Pilot Performance, Garmin System Information.

In addition, the pilot candidate is prepared for the flight by giving system information and safety training about the aircraft to be used. During these flight trainings, the student learns to safely apply the controls of the aircraft, basic air movements, basic instrument flight training, and basic navigation used to get the aircraft from one place to another.

ATPL Theoretical Stage

There are 14 separate courses at this stage.This stage consists of advanced theoretical courses that a pilot with a PPL must take to be able to engage in any commercial activity and work in an airline.

NVFR (Night Flight) Stage

Candidates who have received a PPL must perform a night flight in a single-engine aircraft at 05.00 hours under visual conditions. Also, this flight takes 3 days in total.

PIC (Pilot In Command) Flight

PIC flight means flying as the 1st pilot on an airplane. At the same time, the airline pilot candidate must fly for a total of 100.00 hours as PIC in order to complete the next training. However, since 12 hours of the flights are flown in PPL, 88 hours of flight must be completed. A pilot can make these flights up to 6 hours a day.

IR Stage

The candidate who has completed 50.00 hours of PIC flight can start IR training. This training is given to the pilot to teach how to fly the aircraft safely by using the displays and auxiliary navigation instruments inside the aircraft, except for visual conditions. The IR is entered into the license of the pilot candidate who successfully completes this training. It is one of the necessary trainings to become an airline pilot.

CPL Stage

First, this phase must be completed before the candidate can engage in any commercial flight activity. Then, it is the stage where the movements learned in PPL are repeated with a lower error tolerance.

ME Stage

At this stage, the candidate finally learns to apply the skills he has developed on a multi-engine aircraft. This phase also starts with simulator training, and then what is learned is applied on the aircraft.

Finally, the successful pilot in the control flight also operates the multi-engine rating on its license.After this stage, the application and interview process of the pilot to different airlines begins.

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